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San Rafael Wilderness

Located in a prominent saddle marking the headwaters of the Sisquoc River and Alamar Creek. An excellent dry camp with water from Upper Bear.

Ray’s Notes
Elevation: Google Earth says the elevation is

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Jim Blakley Notes
Alarmar: a Spanish word meaning "to the sea". Situated on a flat area on the east side of the Big Pine Road at the trailheads for Sisquoc River Trail 27W07 and the Alamar Canyon Trail 26W06. In the 1930's a well and administration cabin were built by the Forest Service there. In the 1960's a bear did such extensive damage to the facility that the Forest Service demolished, burned the cabin and went home. There is not any water at this camp. Nearest water is at Upper Bear Camp.

Alamar Trail starts at the campground at Alamar Saddle on a divide between Alamar Canyon and Sisquoc River Canyon. The Big Pine/Buckhorn road crosses along the top of the ridge forming the saddle or divide. The trail descends through a dense grove of Coulter Pine trees 4 miles to Bill Faris Camp, then across a terrace to the Santa Barbara Canyon/Alamar Trail at Dutch Oven Camp.

Bob Burtness Notes
Access: This camp is located 2/ 10 of a mile south of the Alamar Saddleon a side loop of the Buckhorn Road (9N 11). Alamar Saddle, at the junction with the Alamar Trail (26WO6), is not far from the peak of Big Pine Mountain.
U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: L-17 (Site location not on 1984 Forest Recreation map)
Topographical map: Big Pine Mountain
Elevation: 5,650 feet (1,722 meters)
Terrain: mountain ridge Vegetation: conifers
Tables: none Stoves: I (ice can)
Water: none (The nearest source is the beginning of the Sisquoc River which is about a half mile away, but its surface origin varies with the wetness of the year.) Firewood: yes Toilets: none

Special Features:
Historical Highlights: This camp is the site of the old Alamar Guard Station, built in 1937 and razed in the 1960's. "Alamar" also means "frog" — an ornamental fastening — in Spanish.


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