Barrel Springs -



Sierra Madre Mountains,La Brea Canyon

Car camp adjacent to La Brea Creek in Santa Lucia Ranger District. Located in canyon bottom, surrounded by oak trees.

Ray’s Notes
Elevation: Google Earth says the elevation in camp is


  1. From Santa Maria go 7 miles on Betteravia Road almost to Sisquoc.

  2. Veer left onto Mesa Road and continue 4.5 miles east.

  3. Turn north on Tepusquet Canyon Road and go 4.5 miles to Colson Canyon Road.

  4. La Brea Canyon is 8 miles southeast and over the top of a major saddle to get down to it.

  5. Barrel Springs Campground is 1.43 miles downcanyon from the turnoff.

Facilities: Six campsites.

Notes: Hunting, horseback riding, off-highway vehicle opportunities.

Jim Blakley Notes
Once the site of an early day homestead, it later became a C. C. C. spike camp in the 1930's. In those days the spring water was collected in a barrel for livestock and game animals use. An unsolved murder took place at the camp site. Bones were found when an excavation took place several years later. Water can be used from a spring.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia District Access: This campsite is located east of Santa Maria via the Tepusquet Road, Colson Canyon Road (I IN04), and the Barrel Springs Road (ION06). U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: G-15 Topographical map: Tepusquet Canyon Elevation: 1,00 feet (305 meters) Terrain: canvon Vegetation: oak grassland and chaparral Tables: 5 Stoves: 5 Water: from pipe above tank on hill Firewood: yes Toilets: 2 (pit) Season: allyear Fee: none Requiredpermit: none Reservation: no Time limit: 14 days

Historical Highlights: Barrel Springs, the site of a former homestead and a Civilian Conservation Corps spike camp during the 1930's, was probably so named because water from the spring was directed into a large barrel. A round redwood trough is there now, but it, too, is not unlike the vessel for which the camp was named. Hence, "The Barrel," as local residents still call it, remains an appropriate label.



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