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A sparse camp with no remaining improvements located at the beginning of the Don Victor Trail that leads to Madulce. Rarely used due to poor trail conditions.

Jim Blakley Notes
It is a very dry valley with the dominant vegetation being Great Basin Sage and Rabbit Bush. It was named after an early resident of the valley who ran sheep for a living. He was Don Victor Utsusaustegui, a Basque. Don Victor came to Ventura in 1852, and was a victim of tuberculosis. He died of drowning in a foot of water while crossing the Ventura River He fell off his horse while in a very inebriated condition. His old adobe ruin is Iocated about 150 yards down strearn from Don Victor Camp.

After he died others filed claims in the area such as Matias Cordero in 1904 or 1905. Julius and Frank Feraud ran cattle in the valley. Wess and Glen Hickey used to camp near the remains of the old adobe and hunt in the valley. Their camp site later became Don Victor Camp. The Don Victor Trail ran down Pine Canyon from Madulce Station to Mono Creek, then down to join the Alamar Hill Trail. The trail is not maintained and is in very poor shape and covered by a wall of brush.


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