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San Rafael Wilderness

Small but picturesque camp near the upper Sisquoc Falls, 3.5 miles upstream fro Heath and .4 miles below Lower Bear Camp.

Ray’s Notes
Elevation: Google Earth says the elevation is 4,740'
Distance: It is .4 miles uphill to Lower Bear Camp; .92 miles to Upper Bear and 1.42 miles to Buckhorn Road. It is 3.5 miles downstream to Heath Camp.
Facilities: No amenities, just a very, very nice waterfall.

Anywhere else, Falls Camp would be one of the best, but with the lovely forested camp at Lower Bear not too far above, it's tempting to keep on hiking to Bear. The reason to stay is the falls. They cascade down through a series of drops to form a pool a short distance from camp and the sound is ever-present when there is a good flow. The creekside and alder covering are also enticing. Whether you stay at the Falls or head up to Bear you can't go wrong. 

Jim Blakley Notes
During a dry season, a trail crew working on the Sisquoc River Trail carried one of the ice can stoves from Old Bear Camp, down over the Devils Slide to a wide place in the creek bottom just below the lower waterfall because there is always water available from the creek and established a new campsite at the edge of the trai not too far from the tripple waterfall known as Upper Sisquoc Falls.

A very steep part of the trail was called Devils Slide by the old timers. They would send a man to the bottom then let the horses slide down and he would catch them.. Heading up the Devil's Slide the horses would lunge forward until they got to the top. There is a triple waterfall in the creek bottom below the trail. 

Bob Burtness Notes

Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia District Access: Forest Road 9N I I from Santa Barbara Canyon (beyond the locked gate) to the junction of the Sisquoc Trail (27WO7) and then about a mile down to the camp. The site is 6/ 10 of a mile below Lower Bear Camp at the bottom of some switchbacks. U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: K-17 (Site location not on 1984 Forest Recreation Map) Topographical map: Big Pine Mountain Elevation: 4,720 feet (1,439 meters) Terrain: narrow canyon Vegetation: oak woodland and conifers Tables: none Stoves: I (ice can) Water: Sisquoc River (reliable) Firewood: yes Toilets: none Season: closed during fire season Fee: none Requiredpermit: wilderness Reservation: no Time limit: 14 days

Special features: As the name of the camp denotes, there is a scenic waterfall here.

Historical Highlights: The stove at this camp was left by a trail crew which used the site when water was unavailable at Lower Bear Camp.

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