Figueroa Mountain Loop -



Difficulty: Easy • Mileage: 30+ Miles
Elevation Gain: 2,500 ft. • Location: Figueroa Mountain
Features: Family Friendly, Viewpoint, Sunset, Benches, Loop Trip, Picnicking, Car Camp, BBQs, Country Tour, Mountain Tour
User Type: Car Campers, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Cyclists, Dog Walking, Trail Running , Picnicking


Beautiful loop tour that begins in Los Olivos and takes you over the high country overlooking the San Rafael Wilderness. Spectacular in the springtime with incredible wildflower displays. Excellent for an oafternoon outing, a picnic, car campiong and both hiking and bike riding.


Mattei’s Tavern to Cachuma Saddle

0.0    Mattei’s Tavern

5.0    Midland School—rustic (and expensive) private school which owns most of the surrounding land, including Birabent Canyon.

5.1    Neverland Ranch. Formerly owned by Michael Jackson.

6.0    Birabent Canyon creek crossing. End of valley and beginning of climb up to Figueroa Mountain.

8.0    Sedgewick Ranch Reserve. Most of the land south of the ridge is in the preserve. For more information contact the Reserve for more information about upcoming events and guided activities.

10.5  Figueroa Mountain Ranger Station

11.0  Catway Road. Leads out onto Zaca Ridge.

11.5  Figueroa Mountain Lookout. Fantastic views over the entire country. Best viewpoint in the county. There are three picnic areas as well as a self-guided nature trail.

11.7  Figueroa Mountain Campground. See camping information for details.

12.9  Davy Brown Trail. Leads down into Fir Canyon. Davy Brown Campground is at the bottom of the canyon.

14.3  Ranger Peak Loop. Trail leads up the south shoulder of Ranger Peak and down to De la Guerra Springs.

15.0  East Pinery. Dirt road leads north down into beautiful pine forests and several connector trails. The White Rock Trail is a quarter-mile down Pinery Road.

18.0  Cachuma Saddle

Cachuma Saddle to Mattei's Tavern

18.0  Cachuma Saddle (31.0)

00.0  Cachuma Camp (00.0)

00.0  Springs (00.0)

00.0  End of grade-Happy Canyon begins. (00.0)

00.0  Armour Ranch Road. Turn right and follow it to the Highway 154 round about. Veer right onto Highway 154. (00.0)

00.0  Mattei's Tavern (00.0)


Side Trip #1 — Catway Road

00.0  Start of the Catway Road

00.0  Start of the Catway Road

00.0  Start of the Catway Road

00.0  Start of the Catway Road

Side Trip #2— Figuero Mountain Lookout

00.0  Start of the Lookout Road. The road is narrow and dirt but with careful driving, it is accessible for all cars. The road may be closed after storms or in the winter months.

00.0  First views to the east of Cachuma Peak and behind in the distance, San Rafael Mountain.

00.0  Turnoff to Pino Alto Day Use Area on the left.

00.0  Turnoff to Cumbre Picnic Area on the left. Bear right to go to the Lookout.

00.0  Figueroa Mountain Lookout.

Side Trip #3 — Nira/San Rafael Wilderness Boundary 

0.0  Cachuma Saddle 

1.0  Lower White Rock Trail

2.0  Fish Creek overlook. Cross-country route leads down Fish Creek a quarter-mile, where there are pools and a great canyon to explore

4.0  Davy Brown Campground. See camping information below for details. Lower Davy Brown Trail starts from the campground.

4.5  Fir Canyon Jeepway. Leads 4 miles up to Catway.

6.0  Lower Manzana Trailhead. Leads downstream into the San Rafael Wilderness.

6.5  NIRA Campground. See camping information below for details. Trail leads upstream into San Rafael Wilderness.





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  • Points of Interest : Family Friendly,Viewpoint,Sunset,Benches,Loop Trip,Picnicking,Car Camp,BBQs,Country Tour,Mountain Tour

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Difficulty: Easy
Points of Interests: Family FriendlyViewpointSunsetBenchesLoop TripPicnickingCar CampBBQsCountry TourMountain Tour
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Locations: Figueroa Mountain

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