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San Rafael Wilderness

A very pretty camp located in a large meadow with year round water nearby. Three miles in from the trailhead, it is a great kid's camp — or for adults as well!

Ray’s Notes
Elevation: Google Earth says the elevation is 1,441'

Distance: 4.25 miles downstream from the trailhead; 1.5 downstream from Coldwater Camp

Facilities: No tables but four well spaces metal grates.

Horseshoe Meadow Camp, which is located in a beautiful horseshoe shaped meadow formed the creek finally broke through a sandstone ridge to create an almost perfect horseshe shape, is one of my favorite places to stay. The hike in is less than 3 hours and the meadow is absolutely gorgeous. 

Not too far below that you'll come to the Davis meadows where you can find remanants of the old homestead built there in the 1880s. Beyond that it is not too far to Dabney Cabin, which is authentic as log cabin style construction can get. A hike down to the Cabin makes for a really nice day hike before heading back to your car if yours is a two-day trip. If you make it a three day trip, the hike down to Manzana Schoolhouse and across the Sisquoc River to the Wells' homestead and gravesite is one of the best you can do in our backcountry.


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