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Small camp located on the bank of Manzana Creek and near the intersection with the Lost Valley Trail. 1.35 miles from Nira via the high trail. Easy first overnight for kids. Firepit, no tables, elevation 1925'.

Camp elevation: 1925'.
Facilities: One metal grate, no tables, water is from Manzana Creek or bring your own.
Notes: It is just over 2 miles to the next camp at Fish Creek.

Lost Valley Camp is a small camp located 1.25 to 1.35 miles upstream from Nira. The distance varies depending on whether you stay low and follow the river trail or take the higher route. At times after a major storm event the river trail is washed out, making the high trail the route to take. Backpackers who follwo the river route often miss the camp as it is located on the bank above the streambed and not very visible.

Becuase it is so close to the wilderness trailhead the camp recieves little use but it is a perfect camp for a first outing with the kids. The elevation gain is minimal and there is plenty to explore. For those who'd like to set up a quick camp, explore the upper reaches of Lost Valley and then settle back in later, the camp also makes a great place to use as a base.

There is one metal grate for cooking but no table. 

Jim Blakley Notes
The Lost Valley Trail (29W I4) started out as a scenic backcountry road designed to to cross Hurricane Deck and and then continue  up the Sisquoc River to its head. Environmentalist stopped construction just a short distance before it reached the top of the Deck to the Hurricane Deck Trail. The camp is near the mouth of Lost Valley Canyon. 

Bob Burtness Notes
The camp, given this name because of its location at the junction of Manzana Creek and the Lost Valley Trail (29W14), is near the mouth of Lost Valley Canyon which drains from Hurricane Deck into Manzana Creek. The lower part of the canyon is narrow, but above is a more open valley hidden by these narrows.


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