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A beautiful camp located at the upper end of Santa Barbara Canyon and the junction for several trails. Water from the springbox in the camp or east of the meadow at a small spring.

Ray’s Notes
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Jim Blakley Notes
Located up the creek a short distance from the Madulce Forest Service Cabin under Coast Live and Golden Cup Oak Trees. This camp is often used by hikers as an overflow camp when some other group is already using the cabin. At one time there was 1 table, I ice can stove, 1 grate stove, pit toilet near the cabin below the camp. Water is available from the creek.

MADULCE GUARD STATION Elevation: 5100 ft. 1555 m
A squatter called Old Marlow built the first log cabin in the late 1880's. In 1890 until 1929 this old cabin was used as a station for summer fire guards. In 1929, the old log cabin was removed and in 1930 a new frame cabin was built which is the present cabin in use today. In the early 1940's, with the completion of the Big Pine Buckhorn Administration Road built by the CCC, the old cabin was no long used for fire guards. Just trail crews and hikers now use the cabin. There are wild strawberries growing behind the cabin.

MADULCE PEAK AND TRAIL 25W13L7 MadulceElevation: 6536 ft.
On the 1905 topographic map, the peak is called Strawberry Peak because of the wild strawberries that grow on Pine Creek at its north base. The name Madulce was substituted because the U. S. Geological map makers were told to use local names. A fire tower was constructed on top of the peak at the end of side Trail 25W13.1. A storm severely damaged the tower so that Forest Service burned it to the ground. Madulce Trail was and still is an important link between the Sisquoc River area and the Santa Barbara Canyon Trail to the Cuyama or down the Alamar and Mono Canyons to the coast.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara District
Access: 6 miles beyond the locked gate at the head of the Santa Barbara Canyon Trail (25WO2), an old jeep road which gradually increases in elevation until near the end of the canyon at which point it steeply escalates up a ridge.
U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: L-17 Topographical map: Madulce Peak Elevation: 5,100 feet (1,555 meters) Terrain: canyon
Vegetation: oaks, Ponderosa pine, Douglas fir, Incense cedar Tables: I
Stoves: 5 (ice can, including one double sized model)
Water: Pine Canyon Creek. (There is also a fairly reliable spring about 200 feet behind the Madulce Station via a trail other than the one between the Station and the camp.)
Firewood: yes
Toilets: no

Special features: This is a scenic area in the shadow of Madulce Peak and Big Pine Mountain.
Historical Highlights: The camp takes its name from Madulce Peak, called Strawberry Peak on a 1905 Forest Service map. While the term has never existed as a written word in Spanish, it (or a term close in appearance and sound) is Catalonian Spanish for "Strawberry," and was used as such in this part of the state. The small wild California strawberry plant grows in tHis area and in the San Rafael Mountains to the west.

The nearby Madulce Station was built in 1929-30 and used by the Forest Service until the early 1940's. This "guard station," as they were called then, replaced a log cabin built by a squatter in the 1880's and was used by the Forest Service from 1890 until it was razed in 1929.
172While a number of deteriorating structures in the forest have beenremoved over the years, the Madulce Station may survive, at least forawhile. An important step toward its restoration was taken in December, 1980 when a Forest Service Hot Shot Crew replaced the original cedar shingle roof with a new one. Other maintenance has been accomplished since June 1982. As a result, a bit of history is preserved and a refuge from the elements is established.

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