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Upper Santa Ynez River,Hwy 33 Corridor

A very small camp located on a side trail that leads to the upper part of the West Fork of Murietta Creek. Access is from Highweay 33 and Forest Road 5N13.

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Jim Blakley Notes
This canyon was reported in folk tales to be a secret route for Joaquin Murieta, a Mexican bandit when he would visit Santa Barbara without being seen coming or going. A great deal of folklore has developed about this person but, actually the name was applied to a number of bandits waging war against the Yankees who had taken over their country. His name is generally spelled with just one "t' but several place names in this area all are spelled with two "TT"s.

Murieta Canyon ascends to reach a divide that separates the Matilija drainage from the headwaters of the Santa Ynez River that flows west to the ocean, west of Lompoc some 70 miles away.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Ojai District Access: About I mile beyond the locked gate on Matilija Canyon Road (5N13) via the Murietta Trail (24WO7). U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: N-19 Topographical map: White Ledge Peak Elevation: 1,850 feet (565 meters) Terrain: canyon Vegetation: oak woodland Tables: 4 Stoves: 5 (circular fire rings with grates) Water. Murietta Creek (reliable) Firewood: yes Toilets: I (pit) 

Special Features:
Historical Highlights: This camp (as well as the creek, canyon, divide, and a few other places up and down California) is named after Joaquin Murieta (yes, a slightly different spelling) who was the "John Doe" of five or more Mexican bandits of the mid-nineteenth century. Folklore relates that at least one of them vowed to wage war against the Yankees because of an assault on his wife. He also visited this area, at least in the imagination of the tale perpetuated here. The area is an alternative to the coast route if one wanted to travel as unobtrusively as possible.


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