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San Rafael Wilderness,Figueroa Mountain

Located at the end of the Sunset and Davy Brown roads, Nira is main access point for day use and backpacking in the San Rafael Wilderness via Manzana Creek. It is approximately a 1:15 hour drive from Santa Barbara.


Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia District
Access: North of State Highway 154 via Happy Canyon Road or Figueroa Mountain Road from Los Olivos (both 7NO7) and Sunset Valley Road (8N09).
Topographical map: Bald Mountain
Elevation: 2,000 feet (610 meters)
Tables: 12
Stoves: 12
Water: Manzana Creek. 
Toilets: 4 (pit)
Fee: Adventure Pass required.
Reservation: No
Time limit: 14 days

Special Features: Nira Camp is a major entry point into the San Rafael Wilderness. Horses are allowed in a separate area. Hitching racks are available for horses.

Historical Highlights: The name of this camp, built in 1937, is an acronym for National Industrial Recovery Act, a federal government program responsible for road and camp construction during the 1930's. "Manzana," the original name of the camp, has since moved six miles upstream to a new location.

Jim "ER" Blakley Notes
Originally called Manzana Camp, the name was eventually changed to in honor of the National Industrial Recovery Act which was the forerunner of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC). The camp was originally called Manzana Camp but after being renamed it was moved six miles up stream to its new location at the start of the Manzana Narrows.

Nira is located on the edge of Manzana Creek just up stream from the mouth of Davy Brown Creek. It is the end of the Sunset Valley/Davy Brown Road at the trailhead for trails up and down Manzana Creek that lead into the San Rafael Wilderness. 


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