Park n' Ride

You’ll find the Park-and-Ride located on Highway 246 just after you turn off Highway 154 (23.2 miles from Highway 101 to the turnoff). It is on the right, and there is parking for quite a few cars in this area. If you are traveling from the Santa Barbara area, this is one of the closest and easiest places to use for your rides.

Riding out from the Park-and-Ride is especially nice because this is the flattest part of the valley. Most of the area consists of rolling hills that don’t vary much more than a hundred feet in elevation. This is easy country to cruise through and enjoy the scenery without any trouble at all. 

Routes in the main part of the Santa Ynez Valley are pretty basic: there are only three roads leading in an east-west direction and three running north-south:

  1. Armour Ranch Road, Baseline Avenue, and Roblar Avenue run east-west

  2. Edison Street, Refugio Road, and Alamo Pintado run north-south.

This makes the riding even easier. You can’t ride much more than a mile in any direction without coming to one of these, and because of this it is possible to create a lot of variations. 


Wednesday, July 30, 2014