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Hwy 33 Corridor

A very nice camp located near the junction of the Don Victor Trail (difficult to find) and about 3 miles in from Highway 33 on FS Road 5N07. A very nice out and back bike ride or overnight camp. During the dry season combo to gate lock available from the Ojai Ranger Station.

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In 1889 Ramon Ortego received a homestead Patent for property on the Potrero that he had been living on for a number of years. Ramon was a descendent of Jose Ortego who came with the Portola expedition of 1769. The expedition had come to California to locate and settle Monterey as the capital of California. Ramon established ranches in the central mountain portion of Ventura County. He was noted for capturing grizzly bears single handed.

In 1914, at the age of 84 years Ramon was helping herd cattle on the Long Trail down to Mono Creek when his horse slipped over a cliff and he was killed. He had always said that if he died in the mountains he did not want to be brought out draped over a saddle. J. D. Reyes and others on the cattle drive set him up astride a pack mule and brought him out to the wagon road at Wheeler Hot Spring sitting upright. A early adobe on Potrero Seco is still used as a ranch cabin. It now has a tin roof and board sides to protect it from the weather.

The camp is located on the north side of the Road 6N03, west of Highway 33 and at the north edge of Potrero Seco. A Special Use Permit is required to drive on the road, which you can get at the Ojai Ranger District Office in Ojai. The camp is used mostly as a hunting camp during the deer season. There are 2 sites with stoves. No water available.


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