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Dick Smith Wilderness,Hwy 33 Corridor

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Jim Blakley Notes
The Spanish meaning is "New Ranch". Rancho Nuevo Camp is located west of the Half Way House on Highway 33 at the end of Forest Service Road 7N04A. The camp receives a great deal of vandalism so it is impossible to know what facilities are present at any one time. There were 2 vandalized concrete and wood tables, 3 metal ring grate stoves, horse corral and trail sign.

Seasonal, heavily mineralized water in creek pools. Rancho Nuevo Creek runs west from the Cuyama River across the river from the Half Way House on Highway 33, almost to Santa Barbara Canyon in Santa Barbara County.
The Reyes family, who had a home ranch near Ozena on the Cuyama River, established a satellite ranch at the mouth of this canyon. A short distance up Trail 24W03 to Upper Rancho Nuevo Camp, there is a mineral spring in the creek bottom. The trail begins at Rancho Nueva Camp at the end of Road 7N04 from Highway 33.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Mt. Pinos District
Access: Nearly 2 miles west of State Highway 33 via the Tinta CanyonRoad (Forest Road 7NO4A). Stay left when the road forks. Pickup/jeeptype vehicles recommended.

U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: N-17
Topographical map: Rancho Nuevo Creek
Elevation: 3,550 feet (1,085 meters)
Terrain: canyonVegetation: Pinion pines, oaks, sage brush
Tables: 2  Stoves: 2 (ice can)
Water: Rancho Nuevo Creek (seasonal)
Firewood: yes
Season: All year. The Cuyama River crossing is subject to flash flooding.

Special Features: A heavily mineralized spring offers therapy for weary bodies, but the State Board of Health advises against internal use due to a high salt content. There are also horse corrals here.
Historical Highlights: "Rancho Nuevo" means "new camp or ranch" in Spanish. This camp was so named because at one time the land here became the "new ranch" for part of the Reyes family whose home place was near Ozena on the upper Cuyama River.


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