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Hwy 33 Corridor

Elevation: 3,643'

Ray’s Notes
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Jim Blakley Notes
Tinta is the Spanish word for ink. The camp sites are around a small Ioop at the end of Tinta Canyon Road 7N04. The area around the camps is barren and uninviting, with the only shade from a few pinyon pine and some scrub oak. There are 2 vandalized tables, 2 metal ring grate stoves, 1 damaged Klamath stove, and a pit toilet. Seasonal water is available from the creek but it contains a large amount of minerals.

The Tinta OHV route starts from Road 7N04 starts on Highway 33 near the Half Way House and is dirt. The road is sandy in some areas, especially where it fords the Cuyama River and it continues up the canyon to the campground.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Mt. Pinos District
Access: North of Ojai via State Highway 33 and Tinta Canyon Road (7NO4) to the camp. When approaching the fork in the road, take the right one unless you desire to go to Rancho Nuevo Camp. Pickup/jeep type vehicles are recommended.

U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: M-17
Topographical map: Rancho Nuevo Creek
Elevation: 3,600 feet (1,100 meters)
Terrain: canyon
Vegetation: Pinion pine
Tables: 3
Stoves: 3 (klamath)
Water: Tinta Creek (seasonal)
Firewood: yes
Toilets: I (double pit)
Season: All year but the Cuyama River crossing is subject to flash floods, and the Tinta Canyon road is not recommended for travel during wet weather.)

Special Features: The Tinta Creek Trail (24WO2) just beyond the camp has been designated for off road vehicle (ORV) use. Historical Highlights: It is said that "tinta," which means "ink" in Spanish, is also an Indian word for "multi-colored bluffs." 

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