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Upper Santa Ynez River

A small camp located a mile downstream from the Camuesa Road trailhead. Approximately a mile upstream from the next small camp. 

Ray’s Notes
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Jim Blakley Notes
Located on a small terrace on the west side of Blue Canyon Creek just a short distance down stream from the mouth of Escondido Canyon Creek. The name was applied to this area because of the blue green rock formations of serpentine exposed in the Franciscan Formation found along the creek. Blue Canyon Trail follows along the creek to Cottam Camp and lip Forbush Creek to the Cold Spring Trail. There is 1 ice can stove in poor condition and a rock ring. Water is available from the creek.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara District Access: Northeast of Santa Barbara via East Camino Cielo (5NI2) and Juncal (5N 15) roads, and the Blue Canyon Trail (26W 12) for about I mile. Other routes with longer hiking distances are also possible. U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: L-19 Topographical map: Carpinteria Elevation: 1,950 feet (595 meters) Terrain: canyon Vegetation: oak woodland Tables: I (log) Stoves: 2 (ice can) Water: Blue Canyon Creek 

Historical Highlights: Established in 1934, this camp is so named because of the abundance of serpentine or soapstone in the canyon. This mineral or rock is essentially a hydrous magnesium silicate and is usually a dull green, often with a mottled appearance. In Blue Canyon much of this mottling is blue.


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