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Upper Santa Ynez River

Small but very nice camp located in a large meadow at the lower end of Blue Canyon. Access from Camuesa Road near P-Bar Flats, the Cold Springs Trail or Blue Canyon.

Ray’s Notes
Elevation: Google Earth says the elevation is

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Jim Blakley Notes
In 1915 Russel and Albert Cottam obtained a special use permit on a meadow where Blue Canyon and Forbush Creek join to flow north to the Santa Ynez River. Originally the camp was known as Lower Blue Camp but later became Cottam Camp. The brothers built a cabin and corrals and used the area as a pack station. They would pack guests over the range to the camp from which they could hunt and fish. When Russel died, the Forest Service canceled their permit and established a tree nursery but, it was too remote a location so they moved it to the Prietos area where later its operation was discontinued. There is a table, grated stove and  ice can stove.C

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest,Santa Barbara District
Access: Northeast of Santa Barbara via East Camino Cielo Road (5NI2), the Cold Springs Trail (26WIO) and the Blue Canyon Trail (26WI3) for a total of about 3 miles downhill. Access is also possible via the Juncal Road and the Blue Canyon Trail or the Camuesa Road and the Blue Canyon Trail from a point near P-Bar Flat Camp.
U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: L-19
Topographical map: Carpinteria
Elevation: 1,600 feet (490 meters) Terrain: meadow
Tables: 2  Stoves: 3 (ice can)
Water: Blue Canyon Creek 

Special Features: A lovely meadow.
Historical Highlights: This camp is the site of a cabin built, in part, by Albert Cottam in 1915. The special use permit, issued to Russell Cottam, was canceled by the Forest Service after he died in the 1930's. The Forest Service used the site as a tree nursery which was later moved to Los Prietos. Nothing remains of the cabin. The ruins seen today are from "Camp Ynez" which was managed by the Show family as a guest camp. Facilities included a few tent platforms, an eating area, and a barn made of sheet iron cut in half so that it could be packed in via the Cold Spring and Forbush trails.



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