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A small camp on Alamar Creek between the Saddle and Dutch Oven. Difficult to access due to overgrowth after the Zaca Fire.

Ray’s Notes
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Jim Blakley Notes
Established in 1962 by the Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow in memory of William L.. Faris who was an outstanding teacher and Boy Scout leader. The Forest Service wanted to do away with a hunting camp on Alamar Creek called Skunk Camp. It was so named because of the stink from entrails left around the site. The Forest Service told the Boy Scouts to substitute Bill Faris for the abandoned Skunk Camp.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara District

Access: This camp is located about 2 miles below the locked BuckhornRoad (9N 11) via the Alamar Trail (26WO6).
U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: L- 17
Topographical map: Madulce Peak
Elevation: 4,200 feet (1,280 meters)
Terrain: canyon
Vegetation: chaparral, oaks
Tables: I  Stoves: 2 (ice can)

Special Features: There is a fine view of Madulce Peak.
Historical Highlights: In 1962 this campsite was dedicated to the memory of William L. Faris, a Santa Barbara resident who, during his short life, was an outstanding teacher and scout leader. 

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