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Santa Ynez Mountains

Cathedral Peak is several hundred yards north of Arlington Peak following a small use trail on the ridge. More like the top of a point than a rounded peak, Cathedral Peak is an incredible place to sit and experience the feeling of its presence.

Ray’s Notes
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Notes: The main peak at the top of Mission Ridge, the prominent rock formation leading steeply uphill west of Mission Creek. On the Cathedral Peak off-trail route it is the first peak you reach once you get to the top of the ridge and is commonly mistaken for Cathedral Peak.

Jim Blakley Notes
Arlington Peak is the first of two peaks located south and below La Cumbre Peak. The other being Cathedral Peak. In 1889 the staff of the Arlington Hotel called the area The Arlington Crags. Possibly the Chamber of Commerce, after the construction of the Chamber of Commerce Trail 1902 - 1903, helped the hotel push the name to the tourists who stayed at the hotel. The County Surveyor's Office states that Cathedral Peak is the correct name.

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