What To Do In an Emergency

The Santa Barbara County Search and Rescue Team is a non-profit, all- volunteer organization that mobilizes when an emergency occurs in an area that nomal rescue personnel cannot get into.

Should you get into trouble don’t hesitate to seek out their help. You cannot contact the Team directly; it operates under the auspices of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s offfice. Call 911 and them them the nature of your situation. If warranted, they will transfer you to the command officer (known as the Watch Officer) at the Sheriff’s office. 

In case of an emergency inside the Los Padres National Forest, there is also a 24-hour emergency number which you can used. It is 967-3467.

If help is not immediately available, rather than trying to something immediately, try to take a few moments to asses the situation and to develop a plan of action. Evaluate each of the possible alternatives you have available to you. If time permits, take time to talk out the pros and cons for each. Talk over the choices with each member of your group and try to reach a consensus that everyone feels comfortable with. Continue to evaluate the situation as conditions change.

Thursday, September 3, 2020