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Camp is located in a large open meadow with camps under several of the large oaks. One of the most popular camps in the backcountry and longest road trips in to get to the trailhead. Excellent upstream day hiking. 

Ray’s Notes
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Jim Blakley Notes
The camp was established in the early 1900's. This was a hunting and fishing camp for people from Carpinteria. The camp was originally called Indian Canyon Camp because it was at the lower end of the narrow canyon the creek had cut deep into the bedrock. C. TuitcheIl of Carpinteria cut his name and the date 1900 into the bark of an oak tree in the center of a grassy terrace where the camp was relocated in 1933 by the CC when they built the trail up the canyon. It was to go through the narrows and connect with the upper Indian Trail at Pens Camp but was never completed. This has long been one of my favorite camps in the forest.

Along most of its length Indian Creek runs from north to south but at the upper end of the narrows it runs from east to west until it cuts through a bed of Eocene Age Sierra Blanca Limestone. In the 1890's Jose Morage established Indian Narrows Camp under oak trees on the west side of the creek. Across the creek he dug a tunnel and filed a claim on the limestone for use in lithographic printing. Unfortunately he found small flecks of quartz in the algal limestone rendering it useless for that purpose. He then proposed building a railroad to the site and establishing a cement plant. Thankfully, this never came to pass. Just down the creek from the limestone bed is a large, deep pool below a waterfall. It is one of the best swimming pools in the forest.

Bob Burtness Notes
Also known as Indian Meadow Camp. Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara District Access: Northeast of Santa Barbara via East Camino Cielo (5NI2), Juncal, and Camuesa (5NI5) roads and the Buckhorn (27WI2) and Indian Canyon (26WO8) trails. The camp is about 1/2 mile up Indian Creek from its junction with Buckhorn Creek. U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: K-18 (site location not on 1984 Forest Recreation Map) Topographical map: Little Pine Mountain Elevation: 2,000 feet (610 meters) Terrain: canyon Vegetation: meadow (The camp is located under a large oak tree at the south end of a large meadow.) Tables: none Stoves: I (ice can) Water: Indian Creek (access down a steep bank) Firewood: yes Toilets: none Season: closed during fire season Fee: none Requiredpermit: none Reservation: no Time limit: 14 days

Historical Highlights: This large meadow is good for pasturing and feeding pack animals.

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