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Dick Smith Wilderness

Small camp located a quarter mile up Buckhorn Creek from its confluence with Indian Creek. Just outside the Dick Smith Wilderness obundary.

Ray’s Notes
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Jim Blakley Notes
Originally a hunting camp of the Lambert family of Summerland and the Douglas family of Goleta. It is located just below the junction of the Indian Canyon Trail 26WD8 and the Buckhorn Canyon Trail 27W12. The camp is located under some Coast Live Oak trees. There is one table, a grated stove, a bulletin board at edge of Dick Smith Wilderness at south edge of camp. Seasonal water is available from creek. 

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Barbara District Access: From the trailhead, which begins on the Camuesa Road (5NI5) just below the locked gate, follow the Buckhorn Trail (27WI2) for about 5 miles to the camp. U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: K-18 Topographical map: Little Pine Mountain Elevation: 1,960 feet (600 meters) Terrain: canyon Vegetation: chaparral Tables: I Stoves: I (grated) Water: Buckhorn Creek (seasonal).

Historical Highlights: It is reported that a base camp for Indian hunting parties once existed in this vicinity. The hides from game were brought back from the expeditions and tanned here. This site was also a hunting camp used by the Douglas family of Goleta and the Lambert Brothers of Surnmerland.

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