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San Rafael Wilderness

A small camp alongside the creek just over 6.5 miles upstream from Nira and located at the beginning of the Manzana Narrows.

Ray’s Notes
Elevation: 2765'
Distance: 6.5 to 7.25 miles depending on if you stay close to the river or use the high trail.

Manzana Camp is often bypassed since most backpackers are heading further upstream to Manzana Narrows or continuing up and over to the Sisquoc River on a longer adventure but for first time hikers the camp gets you well into the wilderness without having to push yourself too hard. The camp is small and is located on the isde side of the creek at the point where the Narrows begin. Manzana Narrows Camp is a very nice mile of canyon hiking and not too far beyond that you can head up on to the Deck and explore the incredible rock formations in that area.

Jim Blakley Notes
The name Manzana Camp was originally giver to a camp located at what is now known as Nira Camp which is at the end of Sunset. NalIey Road. The name Nira is the initials of National Industrial Recovery Act. Under this act a camp was established under a program that later became the CCC camp and finally, the present Nira Campground.

Manzana Camp is now located about 6 miles up Manzana Creek from Nira Camp. This trail camp is located on the south side of Manzana Creek at the mouth of a narrows that the creek flows through.

Bob Burtness Notes
Administration: Los Padres National Forest, Santa Lucia District Access: About 6 miles upstream from Nira Camp on the Manzana Trail (30W 13). U.S. Forest Service map coordinates: 1-17 Topographical map: San Rafael Mountain Elevation: 2,800 feet (855 meters) Terrain: canyon Vegetation: oak woodland, sycamore, alder Tables: none Stoves: 2 (grated) Water: Manzana Creek Firewood: yes Toilets: I (throne) 



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