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Mileage: 1-3 • Path: Dirt Path • Region: Montecito
User Types: Walks, Dog Walks, Family Friendly, Biking, Running, Kid Safe, Equestrian
Features: Viewpoints

The Reservoir Trail follows the edge of a small creek to the top of a high knoll overloooking the Montecito Valley. It links to the Cynthia Wood and Valleyy Club Trail on the west side of Ortega Ridge, providing the potential for  longer loop walks if you combine a number of the Montecito area trails.

Walk Details

  • Length: 1-3 miles
  • Path Type: Dirt single track trails,
  • Cautions: The creek crossing can be really muddy in the winter months.
  • Use Fees: None
  • Canine: OK for dogs on leash.
  • Hours: Open from sunrise to sunset.

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User Types: Hiker , Dog Walkers , Kids , Bicyclists , Trail Runners , Families , Equestrians
Features: Viewpoints
Region: Montecito

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Access / Getting There

  1. From Santa Barbara, drive southbound on Highway 101 to the Summerland exit.
  2. Tirn left and cross under Hy 101 into downtown Summerland and then right on Calle Real.
  3. Continue .5 miles thru Summerland to Greenwell Avenue then left on Greenwell .5 miles to the Greewell Preserve.
  4. Park in the large lot at the Preserve. The trail begins on the north side of the building.


Things to Know


On The Walk

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