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Mileage: 1.5 • Path: Dirt Path • Region: Goleta
User Types: , Walks, Dog Walks, Family Friendly, Biking, Equestrian, Running, Kid Safe

Though this is a relatively short hike, and not terribly wild, San Antonio Creek is a wonderful place to take children. Tucker’s Grove is perfect for a picnic, and it has the best playground equipment for kids anywhere in Santa Barbara. The hike is level so you can take even the littlest tots on the trail. The riparian community found along it is an excellent place to teach kids about the local environment. 


Walk Details

  • Length: 1.5 miles to Highway 154; 2.0 to Via Chaparral miles
  • Path Type: Dirt tread in good condition. Great for kids.
  • Use Fees: None
  • Canine: OK for dogs on leash; there is an off-lease dog park at Kiwanis Meadow near the start of the trail.
  • Location: Front Country,Goleta

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User Types: , Hiker , Dog Walkers , Kids , Bicyclists , Equestrians , Trail Runners , Families
Region: Goleta

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Access / Getting There

  1. From Santa Barbara drive northbound on Highway 101 to the Turnpike exit in Goleta.
  2. Turn right on Turnpike towards the mountains and drive 0.6 miles north to Cathedral Oaks.
  3. Drive straight through the intersection into Tucker's Grove County Park.
  4. Curve right and continue through the park and across San Antonio Creek to the last parking lot.
  5. You can pick up the trail there near a small sign that says “Bridle Path” or walk through Kiwanis Meadows. 


Things to Know


On The Walk

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