SBO Map Guide

The SBO Map is designed to provide quick access to information about hikes, town and beach walks, bike rides and points of interest within the County. Clicking on them will open a pop-up window with a brief amount of information and link to more detailed information.

  • Route Icons — are square and are color coded to the type of activity.
  • Point of Interest Icons — are also color coded by type and are circular.

Latitude, Longitude & Elevation
You can find your exact location and elevation by right-clicking on any point on the map. Dping so opens a pop-up that will tell you exactly where you are and what your elevation is. This can be very handy is you are in the field and need to tell someone where you are.

Find My Location
The "Find my Location" button is one of the absolutely most important features of the map that is indispensable in an emergency. Tapping the button on your phone or tablet while you are out on the trail will center the map on your exact location and will track you as you move. If your cell phone is in service you'll know exactly where you are any time you want.

Map Backgrounds
The map allows you to switch between four different Google layers: USGS; Road; Aerial and Topo. 

  • USGS — 
  • Road — 
  • Aerial — 
  • Topo — 

Location Services
On the upper right corner of the map you'll find a set of vertical icons you can turn on and off that provide access to a number of features.

  • Find my Location — described above.
  • Weather — provides temperatures at various spots in the County where there are weather stations.
  • Traffic — provides traffic information (green is good; red is not).
  • Photos — adds a Panoramio layer that lets you view images from various places in the County.


Thursday, September 3, 2020