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Mileage: 1-3 • Path: Dirt Path • Region: Montecito
User Types: Walks, Dog Walks, Biking, Running, Equestrian

Thanks to the efforts of the Montecito Trails Foundation (MTF), which maintains the trails in this area, there is a network of trails, some of them hidden, throughout the Montecito area. In the area between Sheffield Drive, Ortega Ridge Road and East Valley Road there are several of the most exclusive riding clubs to be found here as well as a combination of trails which allow you a glimpse of Montecito you won't see any other way.

Walk Details

  • Length: 13 miles
  • Path Type: Dirt single track trails.
  • Cautions: Much of the surrounding area is privately owned. Please respect their rights.
  • Use Fees: None
  • Canine: OK for dogs on leash.

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User Types: Hiker , Dog Walkers , Bicyclists , Trail Runners , Equestrians
Region: Montecito

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Access / Getting There

From Santa Barbara, drive southbound on Highway 101  and exit north on Sheffield Drive in Montecito. Turn left, cross under Highway 101, then curve right to the start of Sheffield Drive. To start your walk from the Valley Club, park off the road near the entrance to the club. The trailhead is just to the right of the entrance. To begin at the other end of the trail network, when you reach Sheffield Drive, bear to the right on Ortega Ridge Road and continue uphill to the stop sign. Turn left on Ortega Ridge Road and drive 1 mile north. Park along the side of the road.


Things to Know

My first hint of the Montecito trails system came a number of years ago when I began perusing a map designed by the MTF that the organization provides to each new member. I was amazed to see the amount of trails that exist in Montecito between the freeway and East Valley Road. Many of them are short and of benefit only to nearby residents, but there are a number which anyone will find delightful.

One of the nicest areas to walk more or less traces the interior borders of the area between Sheffield Drive, Ortega Ridge Road and East Valley Road. Within this area you will find three trails that can be combined to create a wonderful walk. These include the Ketcham Loop, Valley Club Trail and Cynthia Wood Trail. 


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