Weatherspark includes great graphs, maps, and charts. Type in your location and you'll be treated to a beautiful dashboard with a map of current temperatures around your area, along with an interactive, data-driven graph of temperatures in your area, organized by hour, along with a percentile range of accuracy, so you know exactly how likely it is to stray from the projected temperature, and what the statistical max and minimum temperatures will be. Hit forecasts to see a comprehensive daily or hourly forecast for the next few days.

The Weather Channel
The site has a reputation with many of you for accuracy, simplicity, and ease of use. The site is straightforward, remembers your location, and offers an accurate hourly prediction for the day ahead, 48 hour forecast, and even 5-day and 10-day forecasts to help you plan for future events.

Weather Underground
The site provides accurate forecasts, detailed information, current conditions and forecasts at the top and incredibly detailed data further down the page, and accurate information in rural areas down to the specific weather station that's closes to your house

National Weather Service
The site doesn't have some of the bells and whistles of the other sites, but you will get accurate, up-to-date conditions, forecasts, satellite imagery, radar maps, and more, all in one place. In addition to current conditions, NOAA offers all sorts of information about ground conditions, from brush fires to wind advisories. The data is incredibly complete, and most importantly, most of the source information that other services use to build their own forecasts

Local Weather Info

Ventura County Watershed Map
An excellent map that you can use to get immediate and visual rainfall information along with a little more detailed information by clicking on the various stations (noted as blue "+" signs. Though the map zooms in one Ventura County you can easily move it to display rainfall info anywhere in California. A really useful site.

SB County Rain Gauges
Displyas the most recent rain data for various locations in the county. An extremely valuable source for the most detailed information about rainfall in specific locations and you can customize it to display quite a bit more. You can go directly to a number of them by clicking on the sites listed below.

Carpinteria Foothills
Gaviota Coast
Figueroa Mountain
Happy Canyon
La Cumbre Peak
Lake Cachuma
Los Olivos
Manzanita Mountain
Old Man Mountain
Refugio Pass
San Marcos Pass
Santa Barbara Potrero
Santa Maria
Sierra Madre Mtns-West
Twitchell Reservoir
West Big Pine




Wednesday, July 16, 2014