Who We Are

The SBO website is the brainchild of long-time outdoor enthusiast and writer Ray Ford and native Carpinterian John Ziegler. While Ray is responsible for the web content, John has been busy using his programming skills to program the site.

Ray Ford, Web Content

Ray is author of numerous books and maps on hiking, backpacking and mountain biking in the Santa Barbara area including Santa Barbara Day Hikes (1975-present), Trails of the San Rafael Wilderness (1974), Santa Barbara Mountain Biking (1992), Santa Barbara Road Rides (1992), Santa Barbara Wildfires (1991) and the recently revidsed Santa Barbara Front Country Trails map. Ray is currently Outdoor Editor for the Santa Barbara Independent. He has more than ten years experience coordinating volunteer trail projects and five years experience designing, rehabilitating and repairing Santa Barbara area trails as the Trail Crew leader for Los Padres Forest Association and the Santa Barbara Trails Council. His most recent project involved the 

In his previous incarnation, Ray taught for many years at Dos Pueblos High School, establishing an Outdoor Wilderness program that he led at DP for many years. Ray retired in 2000 to focus more on volunteer and trail work in our local area.

Unsung Keeper of the Trails


John Ziegler, Web Design and Programming

John Ziegler

John Ziegler was born and raised in Santa Barbara. He is by trade a web designer, graphic designer, artist, and photographer and has worked for many clients around the world. In his free time he is passionate about creating art, but overall he enjoys being outdoors as much as possible.

John loves mountain biking and backpacking, and documenting his adventures by photographing the beautiful backcountry landscapes he encounters. On any given day you are likely to find him exploring the shores and tidepools, or flying a kite at the beach with his wife and two children. He also volunteers with the Forest Service Wilderness Rangers helping keep the local hiking trails cleared, maintained and open for future use. 

John is currently the owner of a small design studio called Inline Design. His passion for being in the outdoors and exploring the local forest combined with a life as a web developer has lead to creation of a similar site to SB Outdoors called Hike Los Padres. The website is a free resource for exploring the Los Padres National Forest with trail and camp reports submitted by forest users. 

Side Notes
Much of the coding framework for the SB Outdoor website was crafted from the long ambitious process of creating the HikeLosPadres.com website. To see more of John Ziegler work online please go to www.sbiwd.com or www.John-Ziegler.com.

Thursday, September 3, 2020